Monday, April 27, 2009

Joan Rivers, Ashton Kutcher, and that lady from the Progressive ads

I've been watching more television of late. Mostly this is because my dear husband has been working shifts at his part-time job more frequently and these leaves me with oh so precious alone hours in our apartment during which I watch bad television and read trashy romance novels with impunity. Don't be alarmed, though, he does get something out of it. Tonight, for instance, I made the boy homemade chocolate chip cookies. Because I'm nice like that.

So, I now can make a few observations about television. None of these things relate to anything else except they have to do with me sitting on the couch.

Joan Rivers is currently on Celebrity Apprentice. Up until this week's episode, I must admit I was warming up to her. I thought she was very nice and kind to her fellow contestants almost to a fault. The only exception to this was the way she treated Annie Duke, another "celebrity" on the show who Joan Rivers clearly does not like on a very personal level. I get this, since sometimes I don't like people.

But this week she acted like a spoiled brat and all of a sudden, I was disappointed in her. Her daughter, Melissa Rivers, is also on the show, and when the younger Rivers was fired by Donald Trump, both Rivers ladies ran around screeching at everyone. Then Joan Rivers, who was NOT fired, said she was not coming back again since her daughter got fired. All of her daughter's less than wonderful characteristics are all explained. She's a spoiled daughter of a spoiled celebrity.

The woman on the Progressive Insurance ads? She's hot. She's funny. I adore her. I realize she's a bit of a polarizing figure, but Progressive Lady (her name is Stephanie Courtney) gets only a thumbs up in this household. The boy and I laugh hysterically every time we see those commercials even after the fifteenth watching. Plus, she was Gwen, the filing clerk on Angel, so our Joss Whedon love is satisfied by watching these commercials.

On a note about advertising, Nikon made a smart move by hiring Ashton Kutcher to do its ads. I was not convinced that it was the best decision at first, but damn it, he's charming on these commercials. I don't find myself annoyed by him, as I usually am, thinking about the Punk'd, trucker hat wearing Ashton, but I find myself endeared by these adorable commercials. Nice job, Nikon.

Oh, where to start with Joss Whedon's Dollhouse? I want to like the show. I really do. I find the actor who plays Topher to be somewhat irresistible in his awkward computer nerd way. I find Eliza Dusku to be wooden and incapable of doing more than two facial emotions (vacant or badass, no in between, no subtle emotions). I find the writing to be occasionally hilarious. I find the writing to be occasionally expositional in a bungling way, unnecessary explanations for the loyal watchers. I find the former FBI agent character to be really dumb. I find the actor who plays the character to be hot, practically drool worthy. I found last week's episode to be quite thought provoking, but I feel less and less like the writers are ever going to take a stance about anything. I appreciate the grey area of life as much as anyone else, but at some point the show is going to have to address a few of the ethical questions it raises.

Shawn Johnson is so darn cute. I can't resist her perky Olympian self when she's dancing on Dancing with the Stars.


  1. I found it pretty amazing that both Joan and Melissa Rivers acted so poorly on TV. They know exactly how their actions are going to make them look -- and they did it anyway.

    Of course, it could have been planned all along as a publicity stunt -- but, neither could be articulate in their rants, so if it was planned, it got out of hand.

    Now I'm really rooting for Annie. After Joan screamed at her that "her people don't have last names" -- implying that, somehow they are either tax cheats or less than human.

  2. So I should check out dollhouse then? I like those sorts of shows. perhaps I'll try to hulu it and see if I can get caught up on them!

  3. My favorite part of that Apprentice episode was when Brande tried to figure out what the past tense of "forgo" is, and decided it was "forgoo."


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