Sunday, May 04, 2008


On Friday the weather reports were DIRE, indicating gobs of rain on the greater Twin Cities area. So I mentioned to Biker Boy that since biking would be out of the question (I am a princess and refuse to ride when there is any precipitation of any kind because I will melt), I was going to do yoga on Saturday morning. When I woke up yesterday and THERE WAS NOT A CLOUD TO BE SEEN IN THE SKY, I said a brief prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings of sunshine, a brief epithet to all weather people everywhere, and a vile curse word toward my beloved fiance, who never forgets anything.

The yoga video we have is designed for cross-training athletes. It assumes a certain level of fitness that I may or may not actually have. And it is painful, painful, painful. And of course, Biker Boy would not believe the cloudless skies and instead preferred to listen to the evil weatherman on KSTP and so refused a bike ride. We yogaed instead.

Today I have been hunched over a computer screen all day, working. And every time I must move a tricep or hamstring, I curse this yoga tape. It should be encouraging me to get into better shape so I can handle the workout better, but instead it encourages me to think of devilish ways to destroy the tape so I will never be forced to look at that peppy lady's face again.

1) Accidentally leave it underneath my truck, so it accidentally gets run over.
2) Rip out the film from the plastic case and mention that it might be time for a new VCR.
3) As an experiment, see how long it takes the plastic case to melt in the microwave?
4) As a different experiment, see if it would float in Lake Harriet. Or see if the melted tape would float in Lake Harriet?
5) Leave in front of an open window on a nice, sunny day. Ooops. I forgot it would melt!!


  1. Lend it to me! It's a multi-faceted solution. I will get fit, and you will no longer be forced to watch it! When Biker Boy asks about it, tell him your irresponsible friend hasn't sent it back yet. Everyone's happy! :)

  2. OMG, I just scanned through some of your blogs and you are so funny! You haven't met me or even heard of me, but I just started my own blog at I was actually born in Minneapolis, but I'm in upstate NY, which is not much different except that there's a few less mosquitoes and more horse flies instead out in the great outdoors.

    Keep it up on the biking and yoga. My big sport is crew ( and I also actually teach yoga. Most people wonder how I am so flexible, but I only really became so by becoming a teacher, which meant doing about 10 hours a yoga a week. Anyone would get flexible at that point. It's great spare cash and anyone can do it - great job for grad students.

    What is your thesis project? I just started my first semester in a Molecular, Cellular, Neural, and Developmental Biology PhD program and I'm currently avoiding studying for finals.

    OK, I should get back to studying - hope to hear from you!


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