Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Super Tuesday

So caucusing was...unexciting.

I stood in a really long line*, filled out a form with my address and phone number, and was handed a little yellow piece of paper on which to write my choice for presidential candidate (I don't want to give too much away, but his initials were JE - I hate you, frontrunners!). I did the writing.

Then I went into the chapel (argh! why do all political events in Minnesota take place in places of religious services - it creeps my atheist self out!?!?) and waited while the assorted caucus folks voted for party offices and for our delegates. I opted out of delegating because, ummm, I think I have enough on my plate right now with the three jobs and the wedding and the stuff.

Then I left. See? Not exciting.

Oh, but what was exciting?! So many people caucused that it overflowed the chapel. Seriously awesome to see so many people excited about this election. Even if they were voting for Obama!!

* Stood in a long line BY MYSELF. Biker Boy was not kidding. He didn't caucus with me. I was astonished. I thought he had been JOKING. I was WRONG.

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  1. I miss caucusing. I suppose if the results of elections interest one more, then the process is simply boring. I thought the process of caucusing in MN was amazing -- a ton of work, but very educational in an experiential way.

    I cannot believe BB is not all over it. But then again, he grew up in Iowa, didn't he?


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