Friday, January 25, 2008

How to do it all

I found that when I was an undergrad, I was more productive when I had a lot going on. It might explain why I always took 16-18 credits, volunteered, had a part-time job, and worked out like a mad person. I would study, every night, for the same three hours, and scheduled events like going out with my friends like they were classes. This system worked for me. Things got done when they got done because there was no other time. And since I need my sleep, the option of staying up late to pull an all nighter was never really an option for me. Do people really pull all nighters? Because I can't.

Today I just made a huge additional commitment to my time and took a third job. Not because we need the money (although the added money will be a nice cushion to our savings since both BB and I look to be out of jobs at the end of the semester), but because I think I need things to fill my time or I'm going to never get anything done. While this is counterintuitive to a lot of people, BB and I have talked it over and agreed it's the best thing for me. Plus, I won't be at home bothering BB every single available second of the day.

I know that right now I only update semi-regularly and I will try really hard to maintain that schedule. But bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I attempt to gracefully move into this new routine. Maybe there will be funny stories about my new job. Or maybe I won't talk about it, just like I don't talk about my other jobs!!

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