Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pony Up

While I was sick, I was on orders to cut back on my working out. The last time I went to the doctor, she gave me the go-ahead to proceed with my normal workout schedule. So, since school is out now, I have nothing but time to devote to losing the five pounds I gained during the last couple of months during the dark, evil times of p-neumonia.

The thing is that when you first work out after a while off, your body is stupid. It will do anything you tell it to. Okay, let's do one hour of aerobics and then we'll do lots of leg exercises. Fine, my body says. Then the NEXT day my body lets me know that maybe that wasn't the best of ideas. Hee. I can barely move my legs.

Let's discuss my aerobics tape. It's not clear why I love this tape so much. It's from the early nineties and has folks dressed in weird costumes with weird early nineties hair and it fucking rules. It's great. "Okay, everybody, pony up." "Push it, push it, push it. You know you can do it." Pony up? I have to pony up? Hop from side to side and pony up? Yep, you know it.

So I'm getting a bike soon. And I'm excited to go biking. I am hoping for great improvement in my quad definition due to bike riding. Biker Boy's influence is becoming more and more pronounced.

It's so nice not to be in school. It's times like these when I question everything about school. The best part of every year is summer when I don't have to even think about school. That's a problem, given that if I do get my degree and go on to teach, I'll never get to leave school. And is that the right decision? But for now, I'm pretty excited for the next few months, where I can separate myself entirely from school and just pretend that I'm a "lady of leisure."

Let's pony up for the summer.

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