Monday, May 23, 2005

A list!!

I like lists. I think I like the sense of accomplishment when I can cross things off.

This semester I accomplished:
1) A written prelim in the methods subfield where I was able to express my angst over the common research methods in our discipline so articulately that I passed/high passed it. (I made up the /high passed part because all the members of the subfield told I would have high passed it if it were not for the evil third question on it. But, to make myself feel better, I am going to consider it a pass/high pass. Thanks.)

2) An oral prelim where I DID NOT PUKE on my committee chair's shoes and where the committee chair said I had grown a tremendous amount since my first semester.

3) A class in which I obtained a grade of "A" from a man who doesn't give them out very often. That's right. It may very well be my first "A" of my grad school career. You, too, can get an "A" in a class that fills you with a certain amount of disgust and disdain.

(As a side note, when I took a survey methods class, I had nightmares every night about errors in surveys. While I was taking this class on game theory, I had nightmares about the assumptions. No, I wish I were joking, but I am not. Nightmares. Waking up, writhing in agony, hearing myself muttering IN MY SLEEP about perfect information and strategy profiles. Yes, THIS IS WHAT GRAD SCHOOL DOES TO YOU.)

4) Went to the doctor eight million times for p-neumonia/asthma.

Not bad.

Here's my list for what I have to do this week. It's not interesting, but I want to write it out to make myself feel organized.

-Go hiking with a friend.
-Go test ride some bikes. I have a bike on order, but it's going to take too long to get it and Biker Boy is not happy about that, so we're going to go try some other ones that will get here soon. Biker Boy really wants me to get it soon. So do I, come to think of it.
-Wash Magenta.
-Email my committee member to discuss a reading list for this summer.
-Get quarters from the bank.

-Call for a doctor's appointment (OH MY GOD, do you know much money I've given to doctors in the last five months?!).
-Do laundry with quarters.
-Preorder the new Harry Potter book!!!!!!!!
-Go to happy hour with folks from insignificant part-time job.
-Work for insignificant part-time job.

-Gotta go shopping for new clothes. For the next two weekends, I have to attend weddings with Biker Boy for his family. Biker Boy's family has already seen all my nice clothes, so I am forced to buy new stuff. It's hard, really, because heaven knows it's hard for a high maintenance girl like myself to get new clothes. Tough life.
-Go to school, get readings for reading list, take books back to the library, send in paysheet for insignificant part-time job.
-Pay bills, get money for rent from roommate.

-Going to IOWA.
-Meet friends from Michigan who live in Iowa now (Iowa? they couldn't do any better than that?).
-Go to Biker Boy's parents' house.


-Avoid church. Avoid church. Please don't make me go to church, Catholic people.

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